Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation - Serving the needs of Riverside Local School District
2012-13 Capital Campaign Information
THE INFORMATION IS FINALLY AT PRINT!  R.L.E.E.F. Trustees are pleased to announce that the first mail should be going out in early March 2013!  We are very excited about that.
In recent years, our capital campaign focus was set aside in favor of other fundraising activities.  However, the current R.L.E.E.F. trustees have brought a revitalized interest in a multi-pronged approach to raising capital for the grant process.  In addition to some of our favorite fundraiser events, it was decided that the Annual Capital Campaign should once again be the most prominent of our efforts.  As with any stong foundation, community support is one of our strong-holds and we remain committed to reaching out to our community and supporters.
Below is the letter which is included in our new brochure and literature.  If you would like a brochure mailed to your home (in case you don't receive one in the mail directly), please email us at supportrleef@rleef.org  We will be happy to send you one.
Of course, you can always simply review our website and follow the information on our "donate" page if you'd like to donate now!
Dear Friends, Supporters and Stakeholders of the
Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation (R.L.E.E.F.):
For over a quarter of a century, R.L.E.E.F. has partnered with the Riverside Local School District and the community to provide students with innovative learning experiences and tools for success during the course of their academic and workplace careers.
Through classroom grants for advanced learning technologies, financial support for enhanced reading and writing instruction, and scholarships for Riverside High School graduates attending community colleges and universities, R.L.E.E.F. has put more than $250,000 of donations to work, making a lifelong difference for students.
As we look to the future, the 21st century workplace will require our graduates to have the knowledge and skills to compete in a global marketplace.  This includes a growing expertise in science, technology, and math - with an emphasis on the analytical skills to solve real world issues through effective problem solving processes.
With your continued support, R.L.E.E.F. is positioned to help our District meet these challenges.  We are focusing on projects, programs, and inquiry based learning processes at the K-12 level that provide students with the competitive advantage they both need and deserve for success no matter which career path they pursue.
Please consider a financial contribution towards these R.L.E.E.F. initiatives to sustain our efforts for the next generation of Riverside students.  This brochure contains additional details about the programs and scholarships we support, and how you can designate a contribution to a specific area of interest. 
Thank you for your support of the Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation.
R.L.E.E.F. Trustees