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R.L.E.E.F. Grant Process:
In the fall of 2011, a decision was made to move the grant-awarding process towards more encompassing district-wide programs.  Thus more focused attention and funding will be made for grant programs and classroom materials that have a greater impact on a larger number of students and those programs or materials that can be used for extended years of service.  
All future grants from this point forward will be determined based on criteria such as total number of students impacted, how the funds will provide for innovative delivery of instruction, and how the funds truly support the District's Mission Statement on a more global basis.
These factors were considered during the Spring 2012 grant season and the following grants were supported as reflective of the new process:   
SPRING 2012:  $43,834.55
Discovery Education:  $13,085.00
Discovery Education Streaming empowers teachers and captivates students.  It  provides District-wide access to high production quality, dynamic digital real-time and pre-produced content to students throughout Riverside School District in all grade levels K-12. 
Discovery Education Streaming allows teachers to accelerate student achievement by capturing minds and imaginations through the fascination of Discovery - tapping into students' natural curiosity and desire to learn.
It offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn in this digital age.  The District has been able to successfully replace outdated video and DVD content with updated and current digital materials placed right at a teacher's fingertips. 
Utilizing smart-board technology and computer availability, teachers can incorporate digital content instantly into their lessons as they see fit...capitalizing instantly on discussion that may be opening up at any given moment.
Discovery Education Streaming allows teachers to provide students with multiple and varied exposures to content in order for them to truly learn and understand academic topics.  It also provides teachers with unlimited interactive media, visuals and videos that depict content that students may never have an opportunity to be exposed to otherwise.
This program is available to District staff for the duration of the 2012-2013 academic school year.  R.L.E.E.F. funded the cost of this program in full.
Study Island**: $10,749.55
Through an innovative and collaborative approach, R.L.E.E.F. and 7 building parent groups joined forces to enable Riverside Local School District to purchase a $21,499.10 software program.  
Each building parent group separately and specifically voted and approved a 50/50 split in cost with R.L.E.E.F. in order to fund the complete cost of the program.  Thus, R.L.E.E.F. provided $10,749.55 and the building parent organizations matched the same. 
Total combined costs per building range from $1,773.10 to $7,956.90 depending on the number of students per building.
The program is purchased on an annual subscription basis and is available to District students in grades 2-7 for the duration of the 2012-2013 school year.
District teachers extensively utilize Study Island topical units in the assessment process for each individual student.  These assessments help shape day-to-day lesson planning on an on-going basis in the classroom.
Study Island is available to students during school hours on District computers.  But it is also available and accessible online for student use during non-school hours.  This is beneficial as it enables students to activly practice math and reading skills while away from school in a fun and interactive manner - allowing for improvements and assessments to be made in real time.   Because each student has a log-in code, teachers are able to access their student's practice session data at any time to review results and tailor-make plans for each student based on those results. 
Many students actively and regularly utilize Study-Island as a home-based study tool.
**Study Island is a national computer based learning program utilized by all Riverside Local School District students in grades 2 through 7.  Our district focuses primarily on reading and math content subject areas.
Study Island Ohio Standards Mastery Program is specifically designed to help students master the content specified in the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  

The user-friendly interface allows students to move through the program step by step.  Each section has a pre-test and a post-test on topics that cover each of the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  Sections consist of questions, answers, explanations, and lessons that address the topic-specific skills required in order to master the Ohio Academic Content Standards.
Riverside Local School District:  $20,000.00
An amount not to exceed $20,000.00 was granted to Riverside Local School District to provide for a Communications and Marketing professional to aid the District in updating its Strategic Plan.  The current Strategic Plan was accepted and implemented in sections between 2007 and 2009.  In order to stay relevant and current, Strategic Plans should be reviewed and updated approximately every 5 years.  The amount of this grant will be limited to $20,000.00 and funds will be disbursed and released by R.L.E.E.F. directly based on invoices submitted to R.L.E.E.F. for services rendered by the person or persons contracted by the District to help with this task.  This process will be ongoing until complete.
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