Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation - Serving the needs of Riverside Local School District
The Riverside Local Excellence for Education Foundation provides grants in support of innovative educational programs and materials for the students and faculty of the Riverside Local School District. 
These grants are to enhance the regular curriculum and afford a more meaningful and diverse education for students.
Our focus is District-wide. 
We strive for equity in servicing the needs of students and faculty across the Riverside Local School District.
We work in partnership with our school organizations and stakeholders.
We are open and accountable to those whom we serve. 
Community-wide involvement and dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of The Foundation.
R.L.E.E.F. is committed to academic excellence by underwriting strategic programs that enhance the educational process.
R.L.E.E.F. desires to expand  its' current contribution base so that more grants and scholarships can be funded via investment earnings rather than principle expenditures. 
R.L.E.E.F. will work continuously to improve image, reputation and visibility.
R.L.E.E.F. will continue to expand the quality and frequency of communications within the community we serve.
Send email to R.L.E.E.F. at supportrleef@rleef.org
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